You Know You’re Lebanese When…

You're never too old or too tough to be called Zouzou, Momo, Roro or Joujou.

You always fight over who pays the bills.

You can't party in just one night club; there is a three club minimum.

Your father swears at you by cursing himself.


“You Know You are Lebanese when….” is a handy small book, which contains a collection of the best bilingual (Arabic/English) humorous phrases, that skillfully capture the peculiarities of the Lebanese lifestyle and culture. Special mention in the book is made of the Lebanese obsession with food, partying, cars, make up and traveling abroad. Each of the 30 phrases is accompanied by an amusing full color illustration, capturing and amplifying the light-hearted mood and tone.

Although popular on the internet, this is a theme that hasn’t been handled yet in the Lebanese book market, and makes a perfect gift for all family members, especially as the Lebanese and the diaspora are so attached to all that concerns Lebanon. It also appeals to foreigners living and visiting Lebanon.


Turning Point Books


Illustration, Humor